A great security system is only as effective as the people who know how to use it well. Our professionals will deliver the security training materials all your stake holder groups can access and implement.

SECURISCOPE can help with your key security training efforts including:

  • Master security training plan development
  • Training documentation
  • Competency Assessments

Make sure your investment in security is supported with the right education. Our professionals know how to train key people on processes that help eliminate crime before it happens.

security training


As an industrial and manufacturing site, can you say with certainty that only authorized persons are able to enter your work place or facility? Are you confident you can handle the security challenges that a  labor ­intensive setting often creates? Have you created a culture where concerns and reports are dealt with efficiently and appropriately?

SECURISCOPE will conduct access control assessments to make sure your industrial and manufacturing sites can address security effectively. We will ensure you have in place the processes and plans that will help you respond to critical security concerns quickly and with compassion.

One of the most important steps any workplace can take is to fostera “see something, say something” culture. This help to keep stakeholders aware  of security concerns. And once employees report concerns, they need to trust their supervisors and management to take precise action. Is your facility prepared to deal with information about an employee’s concerns to determine if that report is credible?


Companies dealing with oil, gas and other chemicals  know they are dealing with truly volatile security concerns. From ideological protesters and disgruntled employees to federally mandated regulations, industrial facilities and businesses  can face significant security challenges.

SECURISCOPE can help your site prevent and prepare for the most difficult security issues. Our experts help you identify and address pressing issues within the oil, gas chemical industries, manufacturing, industrial, office complex and real estate facilities.


  • Has your school security plans, processes, and technology been evaluated within the last five years?
  • Are you consistently applying  best practices in all your campus spaces, from residential and lecture halls to community gathering places?

SECURISCOPE knows that the best way to avoid campus security problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Let us help you protect your students, employees, and buildings with important security services, including:

  • Campus security master-plan, to mitigate security risks across residential spaces, lecture halls, and public gathering are as such as performance spaces and student unions.
  • Campus security system design to add technology appropriate for your site’s unique environment
  • Emergency preparedness for worst-case scenarios, like active shooter or civil disturbances
  • Residential hall security
  • Campus security assessment to identify real risks across your campus
  • Higher education security training for staff and students alike
  • Campus security liability based on negligence and foreseeable crime

Our experts can help you maintain your campus’s primary mission while still meeting student desires for convenience, parent expectations for safety, and community needs for accessibility.